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Some time, a long time ago, I made a comment here that, no matter how bad it had got for the USA President, he always had the ability to make it worse. And he has, this week, hit a new low so far.

If you are interested, you will already know, and if you are not, then you won’t care anyway. I have nothing extra sensible to say about it all, except plainly Mr Trump is a bully and bullies tend to be the most scared of people when threatened. The people around him in The White House may do whatever he wants regardless, possibly because he has dirt on them all, who knows. But faced with Mr Putin, he just crumbled. Bigly.

Watch the extracts of the press conference that Putin and Trump had, and you don’t see Mr Putin saying anything. Meanwhile, Trump digs his hole.

There could be many reasons for this. I suspect the press saw an opportunity. Was Mr T going to criticise Mr P to his face?

No, of course not, he just crumpled. Having got back home, he tried to deny what he said. Say you didn’t do it loud enough, and people will believe you. Except, they don’t. Even the Republicans don’t for the most part.

I once suggested that people who had voted Trump into power should be held responsible for his destruction of their country. I still think so. They are certainly making America great again, right? Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks and laughs.

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