Brexit II

So, there can be a vote of no confidence in the PM. People say that the number of signatures required (48) is gettable.

Mrs May was still putting on a brave face and is determined to see it through and complete her time in office, something which is admirable, Mr Cameron, but maybe foolhardy. She can leave before it really gets bad, get a nice book deal and relax.

Mr Trump has been weighing in, saying Boris is a big chum (chum, as in friend, not “chump”) and he hopes to meet him this weekend.

Nigel Farage is also still around. The rest of this paragraph is censored.

I am writing this late Tuesday, for early Wednesday. Who knows what will happen in the meantime. Odds are there will be a leadership challenge, sooner rather than later, and an election. Davis, Johnson, Ress-Mogg stand. Boris wins.

A friend said to me “I don’t know where this country is going”. I do. Downhill, rapidly.

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