Poking the bear II

After a pause, Brexit came back again.

If you don’t know Tim Martin, he owns the company Wetherspoons. If you don’t know that, this is a famously cheap, slightly nasty pub chain on virtually every high street. They buy up many old buildings and convert them into smelly pubs with sticky carpets.

Martin announced he will no longer be selling European drinks, including French champagne, because they are European.

Then two large companies started talking about leaving the UK as a result of Brexit. Now, during the campaigns the Remainers had predicted all sorts of dire consequences from leaving, companies leaving the UK, jobs lost, increased shop prices and so on. Leavers say ‘look, it hasn’t happened’. But, we haven’t left yet, so how do they know.

Anyway, Airbus and BMW are talking about leaving. The Leavers say no-one else is, but there always has to be a first, and there could easily be more. Nigel Farage says it won’t happen, it’s just Remainers spreading left wing scare tactics (ie fake news). And probably, Nigel, when it does happen, it won’t matter because many will be jobs for foreigners that are lost anyway.

The the Government has posted rules on what you have to do if you are European and live in the UK now and want to continue. Basically, pay £65 and prove you are not a terrorist of have any serious convictions. Minor ones are fine.

I have no idea what ‘serious’ means here. Presumably murder and terrorism are serious, and perhaps racism and wife beating are not. Who can say?

In the mean time, apparently all UK residents are happy that their EU passports are being replaced by good old British Blue Ones again, just like the good old days.

At enormous cost to us all…

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