You can tell it’s summer here in London. It’s as cold and wet as ever, but there are more foreign tourists around.

They, you, are generally welcome of course, to share our great city.

There are plenty of tourist guides about London. There are guided tours and bus tours and helpful websites and YouTube videos…. plenty of people helping you to find interesting things and help you get the most from your trip.

I have lived in London for more than 37 years, and I suppose I know a good amount about the place. So I watch these videos and think, is this my city they are talking about? I once even considered creating a website myself of practical information, and started it, but the amount of work keeping it up to date was just too much for no gain, just complaints, so I removed it.

So, occasionally, I will post what I hope will be hopeful, realistic tips and correct information to help you. And if you have a specific question, ask.

I’m not going to recommend things to do. What you enjoy is very personal. But, I am going to correct things people have said about London, and warn you about things you should definitely not do, or expect.

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