One of the great things about being in a big city is the choice of museums and galleries available. Actually, I know people who would refuse to go in any gallery regardless of what it is about, but I am sure they are in a minority. Here in London we have some great places to visit. Some are free. The National Gallery, the British Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A are. If there is a special exhibition on you will probably need to pay and I suggest booking in Continue Reading


As I mentioned, I have been in New York City for a while. There are lots of nice things there and it is a great place to visit, but I wanted to write about a couple of matters that were not so good. First, the exchange rate is bad, very close to being £1 = $1. Given the generally high prices there, it makes shopping, especially clothes, almost impossible for anyone not extremely rich. Yes, places do have “knock 30% off” labels, but they are still a lot of money. Continue Reading


As you read this, I am coming back from a nice holiday to the United States of America, and New York city in particular. I have been many times before, of course, usually in the spring or autumn/fall. It’s not too hot, not too cold, just comfortable for walking round, and the flights are less expensive than school holiday time. Going back to a place many times is great, because there is no presure on you to do the ‘touristy’ things. Yes, you can go up the Empire State Building Continue Reading

Puppet Bike

One of the few not good things on my recent holiday to Chicago was not seeing Puppet Bike. You probably think I am a bit mad to enjoy daft puppets dancing to disco music, or rock and roll, but it is hugely entertaining.