Carry on again

As the Carry On series, er, carried on, standards, such as they were slipped. The humour became more lavatorial, production standards (and presumably budgets) decreased. The set for several films was just a muddy field.

Some of the later films are quite unwatchable. “Carry On England”, from 1976, is dreadful and reaches an all-time low. It stars Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth and even Judy Geeson and goes back to the army.

The very last, “Carry On Columbus” is rarely shown.

But many of the films have at least some great bits. “Carry On Regardless” concerns the employees of an agency called Helping Hands who set out to help people with their problems. It’s episodic, of course, but does have the great Stanley Unwin.

Some entries in the series are highly regarded, especially “Carry On Up The Khyber” and “Carry On Girls”, including the wonderful Margaret Nolan.

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