After a year’s break, we’re back, with some enthusiasm for writing yet another blog in the sea of blogs and videos engulfing the world.

The idea is to write a few words about some of the films we like. We hope to show the reaons why we like certain films, and perhaps say something about each of them that has not been said before.

It will be a meandering conversation. If no-one reads it, fine. If someone does read it, and they decide to watch, or perhaps re-watch, a film we mention, then that will be great.

There will be some chronology to it. We hope.

It will eventually be one a week, on Sunday. The lengths will vary. You are invited to comment, and tell us why we are wrong.

We have to limit the list. There are plenty of “100 films you must see before you die” lists, and you can see those for yourself. We also want to avoid films we have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, but that may not be possible. To limit our list, we’re dealing mostly with English language films, because we have to draw the line somewhere.

Have fun.

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