Christmas is in serious jeopardy this year. A few weeks ago, I was looking on a well known UK store website and saw they had Xmas cards. There was a nice selection, but they were mostly sold out, so I bought some. I collected them from a local branch. “Sad, isn’t it?” I said to the nice lady. Oh no, she said, so many have bought cards already, there’s going to be a shortage.

It looks very much as if university students are going to be prevented from going home for the holidays. Actually, if they come from abroad they can, but not if they come from down the road.

BBC say there’s going to be a national shortage of presents. Food may be in short supply. You won’t be able to meet with others because all social activities will be restricted. Pubs and restaurants will either be limited or shut.

There will be no live theatre, and no pantomimes. Oh, hang on, that’s not bad at all…

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