I am avoiding writing about certain topics, partly because they have become boring andpartly because I have nothing new to say that is not said by others elsewhere and better, discounting all the nonsense.

So, no Trump, Boris, Brexit or virus.


The virus nonsense is non-stop:

  • The swabs that they use for tests can cause you brain damage…
  • Or cancer
  • It’s caused/spread by 5G (will this never go away?)
  • Young children are immune (Trump had his Twitter account suspended for saying this)
  • The virus is a hoax/Chinese plot/Democrat hoax
  • Tests cause the virus
  • It will just ‘disappear’
  • Hydroxychloroquine cures the virus and has no side effects

And it goes on.

People have already said they refuse to have the vaccine as it’s a way for Bill Gates to tag everyone so they can be tracked.

Don’t believe the rubbish.

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