I used to be on Facebook. Actually, initially I was on MySpace, which I think is still going in some form or other. There were some people there that I found who had similar interests to me, and we had some good chats, but then people left for FB.

I joined, to find out what it was all about, then did nothing for some years. Gradually, even my most die hard anti-technology friends joined.

I posted some holiday photos, interesting links and little else. I did comment on other people’s stuff occasionally, always positively.

But, you know what, it’s boring. The people who are real friends, people I care about, I am in contact with by other means too.

So I decided to deactivate my account. Not completely delete it, because there could be reasons why I may need to recover it in the future, but I am gone.

I gradually removed friends, knocked off 50 or so, no-one noticed. My account has been gone for a month, no-one has noticed.

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