I have actually no issues of any kind with people modifying their own body in any way they choose, be it something small like a tattoo or big like complete gender transformation (I know three people who have done that), even if the modification is dangerous or they look, well, silly (I know…) provided that the person in question does it because they want to, not having pressure put on them and provided they take full responsibility for any consequences.

There seems to be some disagreement about who has the world’s largest (fake) breasts. Did I really need to put the word ‘fake’ in?

Current leader in the stakes seems to be a lady called Beshine.

They are 32Z, apparently. I assume she has clothes and especially bras made to measure.

I am sure she and others like Chelsea Charms make plenty of money from simply making appearances or doing photoshoots. Their websites are probably heavily subscribed.

I am guessing that at some point in the future, the implants can be removed. I think that the ones Chelsea Charms (below) has are now illegal and cannot. Chelsea’s will continue to grow regardless.

In the meantime, to demonstrate they are not just an attached prosthetic, here is a Beshine video.

Meanwhile, I would be interested to know what you think of this, which I suppose could be described as ‘extreme’. I have never met anyone this shape, but would certainly be interested to take someone out for at least one evening, just to see people’s reactions.

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