The end of The Beatles

This week

McCartney has gone back to the third ‘new’ Anthology song, Now And Then. With the help of Jackson’s technology, Lennon’s voice has been exracted from his original cassette demo and the noises on the tape have been removed. There’s some talk that AI has been used to, er, improve and fix Lennon’s voice, but this has been denied. It’s not really AI, it’s just a way of separating tracks.

McCartney and Starr have added new stuff and fleshed out the song. Some of the work Harrison recorded for it has been included, and some other bits and pieces from old Beatles’ tracks brought in to make a whole song.

And this week, we have it on release.

It’s a single, on vinyl, and a cassette. No cd issue, as far as I can see. A 7″ single and maybe a 12″. Also on the record, the B side, some version of Love Me Do (ie not a new song).

Price for this in the UK? On black vinyl, for one song, £15. On coloured vinyl, £18.

Signed by McCartney or Starr? No.

Limited edition? Well, everything is limited, but apparently not.

Will it reach number one in the charts? (Do they still do that?) No, it won’t.

Who will buy it? Gullible Beatles’ fans will buy every version, all the colours and sizes.

Does McCartney need the money? Probably not…

What does it sound like? Who knows…

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