I used to be on Facebook. Actually, initially I was on MySpace, which I think is still going in some form or other. There were some people there that I found who had similar interests to me, and we had some good chats, but then people left for FB.

I joined, to find out what it was all about, then did nothing for some years. Gradually, even my most die hard anti-technology friends joined.

I posted some holiday photos, interesting links and little else. I did comment on other people’s stuff occasionally, always positively.

But, you know what, it’s boring. The people who are real friends, people I care about, I am in contact with by other means too.

So I decided to deactivate my account. Not completely delete it, because there could be reasons why I may need to recover it in the future, but I am gone.

I gradually removed friends, knocked off 50 or so, no-one noticed. My account has been gone for a month, no-one has noticed.

Web site

I had an idea years ago for a web site that seemed unique. Half the trick of being successful is having a unique idea.

The idea was for some kind of social networking site/forum/whatever where people could post their experiences in shops, restaurants, bars… especially if they had good service. In particular, I wanted to pick out staff who were particularly friendly, nice, good looking or just plain sexy as hell.

Sexy waitress in retro uniform holds two mugs of fresh beer sits on counter in pub. Octoberfest barmaid with attractive shapes in traditional style dress

I did set it up, but it went nowhere and nowadays, sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to do the same thing very easily.