During the summer, I like to have days out exploring. Not so much this year, but I thought I would try.

Kent is always an accessible place, and I was looking at Maidstone. I pulled up Google Maps, picked a random place and found… a guy peeing!

Hot stuff

The UK in general and the south east in particular is suffering a major heat wave. As I said before elsewhere, this is definitely unusual and something we tend not to prepare for.

Sure we sometimes get a few hot days in the summer, but the UK is a moderate country weather-wise. So if you expect air conditioning, well, you may find some, but not everywhere, especially not in people’s houses.

The drain and water main system is London is relatively old, but is being modernised, and somewhat wasteful. We don’t actually have a hosepipe ban, but it will surely come. Gardens are suffering. There has been most recently a pea shortage.

In the meantime, QVC the shopping channel is having a full day of Christmas stuff, and at least one channel on tv is showing continuous Christmas films. Nothing like starting early.


Here in the UK we have had some warm days and sunshine galore. No rain even.

It’s a British thing that you don’t plan for extremes. If it snows, airports don’t have ploughs. Ultimately it’s cheaper just to cancel a few hundred flights and take the loss.

Melting train tracks is a summer problem, of course. But we also have a carbon dioxide shortage. Fizzy drinks and beers are struggling, and for some reason there is a lettuce shortage. Animals cannot be killed because CO2 is used to help them die humanely.

Food delivery vans are limiting deliveries of frozen food because they use dry ice in their vans and that is CO2.

Only in Britain.