When I was little I quite enjoyed snooker. In my tv region, it was on on Sunday afternoons. We only had a black and white tv but you could still follow it.

Snooker always had a reputation as a disreputable sport, all sleazy clubs and gambling, and so the professional players wear bow ties and waistcoats to make it seem nicer somehow.

In the early days there were the legendary players, full of character and humour. Ray Riordon, John Spencer, Jackie Rae, Fred and Joe Davis and my favourite, for some reason now lost, John Pulman.


Sport is coming back to the world, and to TV.

Oh joy.

We have football, horse racing, snooker, formula 1 cars, darts and much more.

For some sports, on tv, not having an audience/crowd makes little difference. F1, for eaxmple, you can barely hear the crowd if they are cheering and they are mostly just a blur filling the stands in the background. As I have mentioned before, I believe, tickets cost hundreds of pounds.

For football, they add on fake crowd noise. As the seating is empty and covered, it is totally weird. Cricket don’t so much, just add a sort of ambient background.

I know there are people who do like watching sport, but I just wanted to record how wonderful it has been for all these weeks with sport missing.