Here are the answers from yesterday, in order from the easiest.

Southerly. No surprise here, Hawaii.

It’s not below the equator, of course, but it is very much farther south than eg Florida.


I just wanted to mention a couple of people who make puzzle videos that I often enjoy. I don’t mean jigsaw puzzles, or paper puzzles like sudoku, but actual physical puzzles made of wood or metal.

One is Canadian magician Chris Ramsay. He has done videos showing tricks, but mostly seems to concentrate on the puzzles. He has big production values, tackles all his problems in a “what the f*** is going on here” attitude, does not always succeed but is hugely entertaining.

Here is one of his:


There is a YouTube channel (and other things too, I am sure) called Cracking The Cryptic. On it, two chaps take you through different types of puzzles and show you how to solve them.

To me, “cryptic” means crosswords, and they do some of those, but increasingly rarely. Generally they go for hard ones, and even with the explanations I find them difficult to follow with words that I have never heard of. But they are interesting.

They also do a number of sudoku-type pencil puzzles. Here’s one: