Tongue split

If you want something very unusual, then why not a tongue split?

I’d love to have it myself, but couldn’t as I can’t bear metal in my mouth. That’s why I have problems at the dentist.

I gather that the procedure is relatively simple in the hands of an expert. But it’s painful and the healing takes a while and can be a nightmare.

No number

I get very annoyed by some very simple things.

One is when people cannot read simple numbers, especially examples like this:


How do you say this number?

Twenty five point six nine

You may want to put a hyphen in, but that’s got nothing to do with saying it.

It is not:

Twenty five point sixty nine

How would you say this: 38.1234? Thirty eight point twelve thirty four? This is nonsense.

Adding “..ty” to something refers to the tens column in a number, so eighty means eight sets of tens. After the decimal point, we have tenths, not tens.

It also annoys me that people cannot write simple numbers. On a game show a couple of days ago, some big celebrity I had never heard of wrote, in answer to a question:


If you can’t read it, there’s a comma in there. This is not a real number, unless you live on the continent and then it is one hundred point zero zero. The number intended was one hundred thousand. You would imagine that grown up adult human beings could write down a simple number, wouldn’t you?

I also find it sad that we use a full stop (.) to substitute for a decimal point (ยท). This is just laziness on the part of computer programmers, and is just plain wrong.

Happy Xmas

You always know Xmas is here when Channel 4 in the UK broadcast The Snowman (which they have just done). So, Happy Xmas everyone, hope you got some nice presents.

On tv is Mary Poppins, Singin’ in the Rain, It’s a Wonderful Life, Dad’s Army, Morecambe and Wise, the Carry On films…

Jacob’s ladder

I was always interested in piercings, but never had one until I retired six or so years ago. When I got used to it, a septum piercing, I got more and looked for unusual things, like double nape piercings or a mantis.

I have had many done, in the tens and not over one hundred, but always wanted more. This year, 2020, was going to be a big year and I had a plan of what I wanted.

Early days

I have fond memories of the early days of Internet use at home. I can’t give you a year, probably 1995 or 1996, but definitely no later.

We had to use a dial up modem. This was a box you plugged into your telephone socket (so no calls then, of course) and you dialled up a number (and paid appropriately).

One of mine was a unit very similar to this. See, you could send faxes too!

The whole system was very text based, unlike now. We used a system called Almac (not any company that exists now – I think it was named after the man who set it up, Alistair MacIntyre or something similar perhaps, I forget) and you would call in for your e-mails or lists.

Lists? Well yes, there was a text based system called LISTSERV that allowed people with similar interests to communicate. Each day, or perhaps more often, you would read a digest of messages posted to the server. You could read and reply, or create a new topic. I think it still exists in places, but is very outdated. There were also more public discussion groups, named like where the messages, which could include pictures, could be delivered into your e-mail account (or you could use other software). I think these newsgroups are all but dead.

Another big thing was the bulletin board. Again text based, it was a place where you could post messages on a topic and people could reply. Yes, a discussion forum.

File sharing was a big thing, and many academic sites allowed you to download files.