For those who continue to post spam comments, especially in Russian, forget it. They will never be approved.


We always welcome people making sensible comments, but spam is making us have to remove the commenting facility on some posts.



I am pretty good at avoiding scams and spam.

I set up a spam filter on my e-mails and nearly all the crap gets filtered out. The stupid telephone calls of “your e-mail is compromised”, “you owe income tax” etc just get ignored. No, I wasn’t mis-sold PPI, thanks.

But I got one the other day that could not have been avoided:

On my cellphone/mobile I got a message offering some kind of promotion. I ignored it, just deleted it and thought no more about it.

Until I looked at my bill, and saw it had cost me £4. For an SMS message I didn’t want, hadn’t asked for. And, it appeared, there was nothing I could do.

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Like, I suppose, everyone who has a site like this, with blogs or forums or guestbooks, there is a lot of spam coming in. If you read my pages, you won’t see any because it is simply removed before it can be published, and the offending IP addresses are banned.

It’s a pain to have to do this, but no big deal.

If you are a human responsible for sending spam to my site, then save yourself the effort. No advertising and no spam here.