Tongue split

If you want something very unusual, then why not a tongue split?

I’d love to have it myself, but couldn’t as I can’t bear metal in my mouth. That’s why I have problems at the dentist.

I gather that the procedure is relatively simple in the hands of an expert. But it’s painful and the healing takes a while and can be a nightmare.

Jacob’s ladder

I was always interested in piercings, but never had one until I retired six or so years ago. When I got used to it, a septum piercing, I got more and looked for unusual things, like double nape piercings or a mantis.

I have had many done, in the tens and not over one hundred, but always wanted more. This year, 2020, was going to be a big year and I had a plan of what I wanted.


When I retired, I wanted to get my nose (septum) pierced. That took me on to have many more piercings done. I also now have some, limited knowledge of the art and craft of piercing, but I am by no means an expert.

I do like to see more adventurous piercings, though, like this:


I got very interested in piercing. Not tattoos or other body modifications, just the piercing. As someone who has never worn jewellery in his life, it was a new adventure for me.

Let’s dispel a few myths:

It’s not an expensive exercise. You can get a septum piercing for £25, maybe more depending on the jewellery you pick.

It can be painful, of course, when it is done as people are sticking needles in your body, but only for a short time.

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