Sex game

Incestis legal in many parts of the world, often under certain conditions. Here is a map:

In some parts of the world it is fine for minors but not for adults. In others it is fine for consenting adults. In many countries, it is illegal.

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There is a programme on tv called Naked and Afraid. In it, a couple are dropped in a hostile environment with nothing, not even clothes, and are expected to survive for a period of time. Of course, they have a tv crew with them, and probably doctors and goodness knows what. Usually it is a male and a female.

I have watched a little of it once. The contestants bits are fuzzed out, as below:

I find myself wondering just exactly why. Full frontal nudity on tv is perfectly acceptable. The UK show Naked Attraction has a simple format. A person, let’s say ‘contestant’ though this is not quite right, gets to see six possible dating partners in the nude. They start from the feet up, as a coloured perspex box rises to reveal more of them.

There is some examination, in detail, of the quality of genitals and bums, one person is rejected, the boxes rise a bit more, and we continue. By the end the contestant and two possible partners are in a showdown, all naked.

The programme is shot and shown in high definition. The bits and pieces get endless close ups, regardless of gender.

So why is Naked and Afraid so coy?


There is a set of channels on the UK Freeview system for adults. There are many stations, including Babestation. On it you can see somewhat pneumatic topless ladies cavorting around. There are occasionally some bottomless, but nothing harder than page 3 stuff.

One of their ‘stars’ who always seems to do nude is Lori Buckby. It’s all pretty innocent, of course.

Unless you look from another angle: