Barclay James Harvest

Barclay James Harvest (BJH from now on) was/is a progressive rock band from the UK. They were formed in the north west of England in 1966, as a four piece, as so often from other bands. The line up was: Les Holroyd (bass guitar and vocals) John Lees (lead guitar and vocals) Mel Pritchard (drums) Stuart Wolstenholme (keyboards, guitar and vocals), often known as Woolly. After a couple of singles that received radio play but modest success, they released their first album in 1970. BJH were signed to EMI and Continue Reading

A new year

Last year, we took Sundays to write about some films we thought were interesting. This year, one per month, we will look at some musical performers you may enjoy, or not, and suggest some possible records as tasters. Most will come from the prog rock/classic rock area, but not all. They will be posted on the first Sunday of the month. Two weeks later, the third Sunday of the month, we will write about piercings, something close to our hearts. If there’s a fifth Sunday in the month, you’ll get Continue Reading

“The Beatles: Get Back”

We mentioned The Beatles and films just recently, and we have “Yellow Submarine” to come soon, but here’s a slight diversion. If you are a Beatles fan you will know all this and much more… Apologies. At some point in 1968 it was decided that the Fab Four should have a new project. It began shooting in January 1969 in the barn-like and very cold Twickenham Studios. The plan was not totally clear: some kind of filmed rehearsal/tv special/live concert in the UK or elsewhere. Michael Lindsay-Hogg was the director. Continue Reading


I listen a bit to the British 60s Music channel. The other day they played this, which I had not heard properly for years. Allan Clarke’s singing is astonishing: