Now And Then again

The song itself is, um, OK, a bit of a dirge but pleasant to listen to once or twice. It sounds very Jeff Lynne/ELO, hardly surprising and, to our ears, not so great. Our vinyl version also was not the best sound quality, for £18.

Giles Martin has apparently provided the string arrangements. He’s not a person you would immediately think of for musical arrangements, and it’s all OK for the song but not challenging or unusual in a way that his dad might have produced.

I know people who have multiple copies. Do as you wish, but it won’t be an investment.

Many comments have been made on the song by watching the video. Peter Jackson has produced this and again it’s clever. There’s some new material and lots of old stuff, all restored and looking a bit odd. It is nice to see the lads, it always is, but one watch is enough.

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