“The Beatles: Get Back”

Jump forward to 2019 and Peter Jackson, yes, he of “King Kong” fame, announces he has permission to look at all the 60+ hours of footage and create a new movie.

So, in 2021 we get about 8 hours of “The Beatles: Get Back”.

It appeared on Disney+ (but who has that?), no theatrical release was planned and home media dates kept moving because, who knows? But now it’s out.

This is just the original tv show, no extras. So, what do we learn?

There’s quite a lot of detail about when George left the band for several days for a number of reasons, including his unhappiness in the band and Paul’s attitude towards him. This is put into a proper context in the new version.

Michael L-H is an annoying presence, constantly badgering the band. The whole project started with no really clear purpose, and there are lengthy chunks of discussions about ‘what are we doing this for?’.

There are many hangers-on, including Linda Eastman and daughter and, of course, Yoko Ono. The lads were nice to her. As Paul says at some point, if John had to choose between The Beatles and Yoko, it would be Yoko. They are genuinely pleased she makes him happy. But she is there all the time, usually dressed in black representing death perhaps, chipping in and even demanding they accompany her while she shrieks away. This film does not put her in a better light, quite the opposite.

Random people arrive and stop the ‘work’, Peter Sellers, Dick James… George Martin wanders around like a spare penny.

It’s great to see these four really enjoying their own company. Without all the intrusiveness they would have made real progress and there might even have been an odd flash of genius. The songs are just the same. It’s interesting to see them come together, as it were, but they are still not any better. There are hints at other things that did become great, but not here.

It’s an interesting watch, for fans perhaps, but one watch is all that’s needed.

Oh, and the police were great!

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