“The Beatles: Get Back”

We mentioned The Beatles and films just recently, and we have “Yellow Submarine” to come soon, but here’s a slight diversion.

If you are a Beatles fan you will know all this and much more… Apologies.

At some point in 1968 it was decided that the Fab Four should have a new project. It began shooting in January 1969 in the barn-like and very cold Twickenham Studios. The plan was not totally clear: some kind of filmed rehearsal/tv special/live concert in the UK or elsewhere. Michael Lindsay-Hogg was the director.

The lads came with a few ideas, nothing reasonably completed, but with a deadline before the concert or whatever. Twickenham proved a dreadful place, so they moved to Apple in Savile Row, recruited Billy Preston and did the famous roof top concert. And the album, and an 80 minute film.

The film shows the band unhappy with each other, making little progress, Paul dominating and Yoko Ono everywhere. Having been seen around the world, and the album selling well (even though it’s many people’s least favourite) the film disappeared and got no official home media release, though poor quality copies can be found.

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