When I was a teacher, we used to discuss working from home using technology.

Of course, there are many jobs where you simply cannot work from home. But there are some when you can. Teaching a school class from home is not ideal. Yes, you want to impart knowledge to your pupils, but it’s also a social thing.

One thing that I read in a study years ago was that people think working from home is easy and really rather nice. There’s no commuting, those horrible colleagues can be avoided, you can have a coffee when you like and so on.

In fact, people tend to work harder at home. More hours, because it’s there, with you, all the time. It’s hard to turn it off. The clear line between work and home has gone.

And actually, employers love it. They know that if workers can work effectively from home, they the employers will benefit because they will get more from their staff.

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