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You may think it is odd that I am not writing about Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, UK elections, impeachment, USA elections or indeed any of that nonsense.

And there is a reason. It’s nonsense.

Yes, here in the UK it is barely days until we find out who the new Prime Minister is going to be. Will any party get an overall majority? Can anyone govern this country?

My friends ask, what will change next year? Nothing. Will Brexit actually happen? Who knows, possibly not. Who will stand against Mr Trump in the USA? Does not make any difference, he is bound to win.

It’s all very grim and depressing. As Christmas approaches, and the election looms, I know so many people are depressed about all this business. That’s what comes when you have politicians who lie whenever they open their mouths.

Was it always like this? Well, yes, except social media and wall-to-wall tv news mean it is on all the time with fifty people giving their opinions on nothing.

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  1. pws says:

    Will Brexit happen? “…probably not.”
    Oh well, it did eventually, and now (2024) we continue to suffer the consequence.

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