Is spelling important?

OK, I know there are people who find spelling and recognising words difficult. I also know there are people who are dyslexic who revel in it, use it as an excuse for pretty much anything.

I watch YouTube and similar from time to time. There are some interesting clips on audio, photography, travel, tv, music… things I am interested in and want to learn more about. I assume the people making clips on a topic are experts, they know something I don’t, something I will be interested in. I assume they speak with knowledge and authority.

But then you watch videos and you see simple spelling mistakes, with words you would expect them to know, simple words sometimes.

Like the travel man not being able to spell WIMBLEDON (“Wimbleon” he put while standing outside the station), the hifi man (“Turntabel”), someone talking about movies (“Moveis”), “UBS” (as in memory stick), “Weinsein” (as in the film man) and the list goes on.

To be honest, it is very rare to watch something that has no spelling mistakes at all.

How do I feel? well, if you know you have a difficulty and you are putting something out for the world to view and judge, don’t you make an extra effort, or get someone else to check? How hard is that? Five minutes perhaps.

So I look at these badly made clips of people telling me stuff with rubbish written on the screen, and I discount what they say and, to be honest, don’t take them seriously.

And feel disappointed.

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